Message from Representative Director

代表取締役 廣川 厚夫

We aim to be No. 1 in customer satisfaction

Asurion Technology Kakegawa K.K. possesses expertise on production control, quality control, process improvement, productivity improvement, etc. and has manufacturer’s DNA that has been cultivated through mobile phones, including smart phones, manufactured with a base of communication systems and services technology.
We answer our customer needs through smart phone and mobile phone repair services.

We aim to be No.1 in customer satisfaction in our industry.

To do this, we see things from societal and customer points’ of view, quickly and precisely incorporate quality assurance and enhanced repair quality, while meeting delivery times and optimizing logistics. All our employees are working together as one from various perspectives.

Furthermore, we are making every effort to create new business using our extensive technology and knowledge to become a company that can contribute broadly to society and customers.