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We aim to provide customer satisfaction in Japan’s mobile phone industry through our mobile phone repair business.
To do this, we see things from societal and customer points’ of view, quickly and precisely incorporate quality assurance and enhanced repair quality, while meeting delivery times and optimizing logistics.


Our services originate from our history as a manufacturer within the mobile telecommunications industry.


1991 to September 2012
Established as the Kakegawa Plant of Panasonic Mobile Communication Co. Ltd. (PMC). Manufactured Panasonic brand mobile phones (feature phone, smart phones) for Japan domestic market.
October 2012
Established Panasonic Mobile Technical Service Co. Ltd. as a wholly owned subsidiary of PMC.
Started repair services of Panasonic brand mobile phones (feature phones, smart phones)
January 2014
100% of PMC shares acquired by Asurion Technology Japan K.K. (TJKK). Asurion Technology Kakegawa K.K. established as wholly owned subsidiary of TJKK and reborn as a new repair service company.

In the past, the Kakegawa plant of PMC provided mobile phones (feature phones, smart phones) to many customers through domestic mobile carriers as a large, singular mobile phone manufacturing plant.

Our employees engaged in this manufacturing process, pursuing quality, cost, and delivery improvement, and as such, are a group of people who improve our ability of quality control, production technology, manufacturing expertise, problem handling, and business control.

We utilize our skills and resources that have been built up and continue to improve in order to create a new force in mobile phone repair services.

We aim to be No. 1 in customer satisfaction within domestic mobile phone services.

・Quick and precise action on quality and repair quality improvement to earn customers’ trust.
・Meet repair deadlines and optimize logistics.

<Our activity> ---- Maintain repair infrastructure and strengthen QCD.

  • Optimize repair processes
  • Promote maintenance of our infrastructure systems.
  • Further quality and TAT improvement.
  • Process development for difficult repairs
  • Pursue cost performance

As a partner for repair business......

We are developing and providing a competitive repair platform for domestic and overseas mobile phones to contribute to enhancing customer service for telecommunication companies and their customers.

  • Provide economical, high quality mobile phone repair services
  • Provide repair services for various mobile devices both Japanese and non-Japanese
  • Maintain technology, quality, and service superiority to other repair business operators.
  • Promote the reuse and recycling of mobile devices to contribute to environmental protection activities

Environment Policy

Basic Concept

We provide mobile device repair services and other related services.
By promoting environmentally friendly business activities, including the reuse and recycling of mobile devices throughout our operations, we aim to reduce our environmental impact while contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.

Basic Policy

1. We promote the reuse and recycling of mobile devices by expanding our mobile device repair business in response to the various needs of our customers.

2. We improve the quality and productivity of our repair work and continuously promote effective utilization of energy and resources.

3. We plan and preserve green space within the company's land and factory facilities, striving to protect the ecosystem and prevent global warming and environmental pollution.

4. We comply with environmental laws, regulations, and other related requirements.

5. We continuously improve our environmental management system by setting targets and making plans to achieve them, regularly reviewing our progress in order to achieve these targets.

6. We inform all employees of this policy and conduct training and education to recognize the importance of environmental protection and to encourage environmentally friendly behaviors. Additionally, we ask for the understanding and support of this policy from temporary staff, contractors, and partner companies.

7. This policy is made available to the public.

November 11, 2018
Asurion Technology Kakegawa K.K.
President and COO
Kenji Kurosawa

Information Security Policy

Asurion Technology Kakegawa K.K. has a policy of “Priority on Safety, Quality and Compliance – all Three” and incorporates this in business activities as it aims to be “No. 1 in Customer Satisfaction for the industry.”

We recognize the importance of information security in such areas as customer information, personal information, and technical information, and as part of our critical strategic management of information security, have implemented the following policy to enhance customer satisfaction and be a company that handles information safely.

1.Information Structure

We have established an organization responsible for internal information security, complied with ISMS standards, and actively manage information in an appropriate manner.

2.Protection of Information Assets

We clarify processes based on the risk and importance of information security and protect information in an appropriate manner.
We place particularly importance to the confidentiality of technical information, information entrusted by customers, and entrusted personal information,

3.Education & Training

All employees are continuously educated and trained on information security to ensure awareness and comprehensive understanding of various regulations regarding information security. Violations are handled severely, including disciplinary action.

4.Providing Secure Service

We endeavor to provide services which incorporate information security arising from the use of customer information and that can be used with peace of mind.

5.Regulatory Compliance and Ongoing Kaizen

Based on the policy of “Priority on Safety, Quality and Compliance – all Three”, we observe all related laws and regulations and continuously aim to improve and enhance the preservation of information security in changing environment.

November 11, 2018
Executive Management
Asurion Technology Kakegawa K.K.
President and COO
Kenji Kurosawa